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Take a look into womens commercials of the fifties and sixties with : Secure Deodorant Hair Spray, Brylcreem, Swift Premium, Reynolds Alum, Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, One-A-Day, Bridal Store, Gimbels Interiors, European Nat Hair Color, FDS, Drive Detergent, Heat Curlers, Cool Whip, Cashmere Bouquet, Breck, Chevrolet, Handi Wrap, Whirly Range, Pantyhose, Hills Bros, Reynolds, Aunt Jemina, United Airlines, Diet Pepsi, PG&E Washer Dryer, Revlon, Salem, Shredded Wheat, Sun Bath, Swanson, Sega Diet Foods, Avon Lipstick, Salada, Gallo, Cashmere Bouquet, Girdle, Panty Girdle, Ad Detergent, Ivory Dish Detergent, Niagara, Falls, Silver Cup Bread, Camay, Reynolds, Nucoa Margarine, Carrols Restaurant, Radiently Red Clairol Color, Light Spray, Minute Rice, Calgon, Feather Spun, Sweet Lilac Purex Soap, Tigress, Birdseye Frozen Peas.

Women's Commercials Vol. 4

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