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The Babyboomer's Guide to Saving the Galaxy with History

                                as witnessed by Ira H. Gallen

  "Unity of Body, Soul, and Mind "- Elon Musk

Great mind’s think alike as I’ve glanced at similar words,  Body, Mind, and Spirit , since I was sixteen years old, written to me in a letter by the first American to orbit the earth Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr., in 1966. 


I created a High School newspaper called “World Affairs”, where I took my fascination of history to show that its study, like reading comics will give my generation a better understanding of how to approach their future after graduating, which warranted America’s pioneering space explorer to present his thoughts on my approach in a two page letter:


The History of  Ira's Space Collection & My Omega Speedmaster Astronaut Watch

By the time I was 13 years old I knew why I was put on this earth and that was too be an astronaut.

    How do you become an astronaut?

             How do rockets work? 

You couldn't just go to your local bookstore or library and ask for information on the space program because it just didn’t exist. 


So I wrote to everyone the newscasters and newspaper reporters did stories about.

Incomplete List- A Lot More to Post


 Astronaut Letters 



John H. Glenn

A Past to Draw On

“In education, we are really condensing the best experience that has been gained over thousands of years, so we might look at education as an “encapsulated experience” that we get for free, without having to make all the original experiments ourselves. This gives us the best of the past to build on, and is as necessary a launch pad for modern living as the Cape Kennedy launch pads”.





Werner Von Braun

Apollo 8

NASA Public Relations


Edwards Airforce

Base Test Pilots


Cape Canaveral

Bob Considine

Chuck Yeager

Gunther Wendt

Jacqueline Cochran

  The SpaceX Secret Squadron Dollar Tree Shopping Spree

with Sylvia Gallen - Ira's Mother

Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr. Space Shuttle Flight Coverage

Space Toys(complete)   ABC  News

Space Toys (complete)    FOX News



My credentials will show that I was one of the pioneering Babyboomer historians to start documenting the birth of the Space Program years before Thomas Wolf thought of researching and writing "The Right Stuff".


But,the delays in presenting these findings has allowed me to detour to other uncharted continents and return with millions of rare and never before seen images and data of lost worlds to unleash on our planet with the inter-active passion of a David Halberstan.


At the same time carrying the torch handed to me by Astronaut John H. Glenn Jr, 55 years ago by returning with the lost knowledge needed to allow the human race to successfully master their individual life styles and explore all the different cultures they want on Earth, and beyond to save the Galaxy with knowledge of history.


The blue-print to complete my lifelong dream of achieving earth orbit, visiting the International Space Station, and returning to earth representing 72million Baby boomers who aren’t ready to be put out to pasture is outlined at


The prize will be accomplished after I rally the teachers, and students at Indiana University to help achieve Global Boomer Domination on a Historic scale by naming their Research Library after me.

The Bonus for us all is becoming part of the family of SpaceX historians whose work will be the first studied on Mars and a guide to those first Martian families visiting Earth and hitchhiking through other Galaxies, with a better understanding of history.

My Film Archives in Storage

At the end of October my Omega Speedmaster Watch

was Stolen at Mount Sinai West Hospital - I'm Heart Broken


This is an extensive look at the celluloid films that need to be restored

In Production

© 2021 Ira H. Gallen 220 west 71st Street New York City 10023   (212) 724-7055

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