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By the time I was 13 years old I knew why I was put on this earth and that was too be an astronaut.


But how do you become an astronaut?

How do rockets work? 

You couldn't just go to your local bookstore or library and ask for information on the space program because it just didn’t exist. 


So I wrote to everyone the newscasters and newspaper reporters did stories about.


 Astronaut Letters 


Astronaut John H. Glenn


 NASA Personal

Werner Von Braun


Apollo 8




NASA Public Relations


Edwards Airforce Base

Test Pilots


Cape Canaveral

Gunther Wendt


Bob Considine


Chuck Yeager

Jacqueline Cochran

Space: The New Boomer Frontier

A Past to Draw on

I was born on September 12, 1950, the same year movies about adventures in space were starting to fill the local theaters. By the time I was nearing my first decade on this planet, those films were showing up on television. There was Destination Moon which echoed the sentiments of America’s first rocket scientist himself, Werner von Braun:

"The race is on and we’d better win it because there is absolutely no way to stop an attack from outer space. The first country that can use the moon for the launching of missiles will control the earth. That, gentlemen, is the most important military fact of this century.”

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Cheerios Kid Build a Rocket

During the end of October, 1957, the United States launched and tested more missiles and rockets than had been tested in any single month, and most were blowing up. What concerned the allied powers so gravely was Russia’s ability to launch the satellite, a feat which meant, in no uncertain terms, that the Soviets also had the technology to produce an arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles, soon to be known as I. C. B. M.s.

Man Will Conquer Space TV Series 1952         Restored by John Hopkins University

While the United States was trying to figure how to develop their new missile program, the Russians launched the first artificial Earth satellite called Sputnik 1 into an elliptical low Earth orbit on October 4, 1957.


It was a 23'' diameter polished metal sphere, with four external antennae to broadcast radio pulses. It was visible all around the Earth and its radio waves were detectable by any earthly receiver.

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Lionel Trains Mercury Capsule 

It wasn’t long until B-movie producers launched their own satellite craze to cash in on the space mania. Only the exploration of space meant meeting up with monsters and near death to mankind.

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The license for Star Wars action figures was first offered to the Mego Corporation, in 1976 which was the leader in action figures during the 1970s. When Mego refused the offer the license was picked up by Kenner, a subsidiary of General Mills. Star Wars: A New Hope was the first film to successfully market toys based on the movie.