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Military Toy Commercials 1960's

Baby Doll Commercials 1950's

Colorform Commercials 1960's

In Search of Remco Toys 1950's/60's

Robot Commando by Ideal Toys


with Donald Duck and Porky Pig

The Lionel Club House

with Joe Dimaggio


Slotless Racing Cars Ideal Toys

Making Faces Make-Up by Ideal

Electronic Table Tennis by Ideal

Twirly Birds by Ideal Toys

Postage Stamp Trains by Auroa

Tiny Mighty Mo by Ideal

The Sting Board Game by Ideal

The Boss Board Game by Ideal

Team America Marauder and his Stunt Chopper by Ideal

Crossfire Road racing by Ideal

Tank Command Board Games Ideal Toys

Sky Writer Light Pen by Ideal Toys

Skittle Pool by Auroa with Don Adams

Rubiks Cube by Ideal Toys

Rebound Game by Ideal

Natures Window by Ideal

The Missing Link Game by Ideal

The Mighty Mo's Cars by Ideal

Lazy Daisy Doll by Ideal

Guzzlers Car Racing by Ideal

Electronic Detective with Don Adams by Ideal Toys

Alligator Game by Ideal Toys

Colorforms 1st Play Kit

Miss Cookies Kitchen by Colorforms

Popeye Colorforms

Johnny Astro by Topper

Dress Designers Kit by Colorforms

Wrist Quiz by Ideal Toys

Colorforms at Home

Total Control slot car racing by Ideal Toys

Cross track slot car racing by Ideal Toys

Beware of the Spider Game by Ideal Toys 

Skywriter b y Ideal Toys

Mousetrap Game by Ideal

General Electric Board Game

Laura Doll by Ideal Toys

Electronic Detective Game with Don Adams

Chicken Out Game 1981 Ideal Toys

Tin Can Alley Gun Range by Ideal with Chuck Conners

Rock'em Sock'em Robot

 Popular Mechanics  presents  How to Buy a Toy 

GI Joe

Mr. Potato

Space Patrol State of the Art Premium Toys for Kids

Mr. Machine


Channel 5 December 1958


by Mattel Toys

Tiny Tears by Ideal Toys

Remco Toy Commercial Director Bernie Schiff 1991& Ira H Gallen

Hubley Toy Gun Collection 1960

Beany & Cecil: Beany Copter 1961 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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