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Gunther Brewing Company is a historic brewery building located at Baltimore, Maryland, United States. The site comprises 15 masonry buildings. The main structure is a five-story brick "L"-shaped Romanesque Revival-style brew house with a two-story brick ice plant built about 1910 and one- and two-story boiler room. Additional brew houses built in 1936 and 1950 are also on the property.


The Tulkoff Factory and Warehouse was built about 1964. It was home to the George Gunther, Jr. Brewing Company, founded in 1900. By 1959 it was the second largest brewery in Baltimore, when it produced 800,000 barrels per year and employed approximately 600 people. Hamm's Brewing Company bought the Gunther Brewing Company in 1960.


Later acquired by the F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company in 1963, the plant was closed in 1978. The Tulkoff company briefly used the factory for their sauce products at the conclusion of all brewing operations.

After that, large portions of the rear walls of some buildings were demolished to facilitate salvage.  The former brewery has been redeveloped into a modern, mixed-use building called The Gunther, much like other Canton buildings.

Gunther Brewing Company was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Gunter Beer The Fishermen

Gunther Beer The Piano Player

Carling Black Label Beer keeps your husband happy, while the wife does all the work.

DREWRY’S BEER and the family at home.


Gunter Beer with Senor Wenorwences

Gunter Beer Senor Wenorwences at Memorial Stadium 

Pabst Blue Ribbon friends at a bar.

DREWRY’S BEER the Ballonist

Piels Beer Bob & Ray

Bert & Harry Piel Beer Mascots

Utica Beer Fascinating Animation 220 West 71st Street

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