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Universal Newsreels

Before the advent of televised network news programs and the 24 hour news cycle on cable and the internet, newsreels were one of the main sources people had for news.  One of five major newsreel companies, Universal Studios produced and released newsreels which were shown in movie theaters, twice a week, from 1929 until 1967.

April 18th 1966

October 6th 1967

Sept 19th 1967

 Each release usually contained five to seven stories averaging two minutes in length, for a total length of six to ten minutes.

Sept 5th 1967

 Sept 8th 1967

May 26th 1967

​The newsreel stories featured national and international news and events, politicians, celebrities, performing animals, sporting events, the latest fashions, fads, trends, and other “oddities.”  Sometimes a “local” was also included and shown only in the city where the story was filmed. Local stories might show politicians, parades, football games, beauty contests, or other community activities.

February 10th 1964

 January 31st 1967

New York Worlds Fair 1964


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