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World War II

Army-Navy Screen Magazine 1943 # 15 

Movies Go To War 1943

The Army–Navy Screen Magazine was a bi-weekly short film series which was shown to American military personnel around the world during World War II. It included a newsreel and a cartoon of Private Snafu. Originally titled The War when first released in May 1943, it was renamed after ten episodes. A total of fifty issues were produced  until early 1946 by the Army Signal Corps under the supervision of director Frank Capra.  The Private Snafu series was designated classified and were produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions/Warner Bros. CartoonsUPA, MGM, and Harman-Ising Studio.

NORMAN HATCH Cameraman World War II         1944

The Role of The Combat Cameraman


The First Motion Picture Unit Army Air Forces  1942- 1945

The Hollywood Victory Caravan 1942

Japanese Relocation 1942

Snafu cartoon "Seaman Tarfu"

Snafu cartoon "Going Home"

Kamikaze Pilots, Japan 1943

Scrap Happy Daffy 1943

Snafu cartoon "Home Front” 1942

Seized From the Japs 1943

December 7th with Walter Huston

Nazi Spies Radio Set 1943

Nazi Spies Radio Set 1943

Skelton in the Cupboard, 1943

THE WAR # 7 A current Info Film for the Armed Services 1942

Military Shoe Hospital 1942

Nazi Spies Radio Set 1943

J.Edgar Hoover of the FBI hunting German Spies 1942

Nazi Spies Radio Set 1943

The Nazi Spy Radio and  Snafu in SPIES

Nazi Spies Radio Set 1943

Presidential Campaign 1944 Roosevelt Visits New York    220 West 71st Street   NYC   10023   (212) 724-7055

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