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My Movie Memorabilia Collected Over the Years

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Movie Memorabilia Personal & Signed

Photo Essay

Elia Kazan's

Baby Doll

Laurence Olivier's Directors Chair from Marathon Man

I was working as a production assistant on Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman in New York when I got to hang out with Sir Lawrence Oliver.  I remember talking a lot about D.W. Griffith and Erich Von Stroheim. He remembered the radio broadcast Stroheim made talking about the death of the famed director.


At the end of the film I gave him a rare copy of a book on Stroheim by Herman G. Weinberg. It felt great when I spotted him reading it in his camper. One day I was packing up equipment and props to be shipped to Los Angles, to finish the film with. When I told the Production Manager Steve Keston I couldn't find Oliver's chair, he said don't worry about it that Oliver told him to surprise me and give it to me as a gift.


I spent a few years working as a production assistant , researcher and second unit director at the Dino DeLauentiis offices located at the Paramount Pictures building on Columbus Ave in New York in the 1970's. I think we were on the 15th floor. Dino had the whole floor. Dino's office was on one side of the floor and production was on the other. But if he opened his door, he could see every one at work on all his different film projects. I read the script for Raging Bull in its first draft, but that's another story. He did turn down Black Bart,a script Mel Brooks was hawking later the film was called Blazing Saddles.

My office if you call it that was a giant walk in closet filled with posters, films, stills and other promotional junk that Paramount Pictures didn't need any more. Yes it was like I died and went to film collectable heaven, and I took advantage of it, but that's another story I might not tell at all. One day I spotted this green Tiffany type lamp in the corner of the room and asked Frederico DeLaurentiis, Dino's son if I could have it. He wanted a light box I used to view 35mm and other formats of slides, so we traded. Years later I was either watching Serpico on cable or on VHS, when I discovered what I had.

My Press ticket to Serpico starring Al Pacino

-showing both sides

This is a special reproduction of a 27X40 poster of Atom Man vs Superman. They made a limited amount for a promotional tour with Kirk Alyn signing them. My friend who ran the tour got this legendary actor to sign one for me. 



The Back of Lou Gossett's Directors Chair on the TV Movie TO KILL A COP

The Director Richard Attenborough came over to my apartment to do an interview on  my public access show Biograph Days, Biogarph Nights in 1982. He was promoting his latest film CHAPLIN. So of course I got him to sign a poster for me.

This is a proof  sheet for a prop cover of People Magazine to be used in the movie DEATH WISH. Vincent Gardenia playing the cop Frank Ocha  is going after Charles Bronson is highlighted on the cover.  I worked with Gardina on the film as a production assistant and got him to sign it.

It's interesting to note that People Magazine hadn't premiered on the news stands when we used it in the 1974 movie. 

I had a great insert poster of LENNY I asked Dustin Hoffman to sign for me when I worked with him on Marathon Man. He asked if he could trade me a 1-sheet poster for my insert poster. He had no room in his office for a big poster. So of course I said yes. He had his secretary send it to me. This was the autograph I got back on it. I hope it was him and not his secretary. Maybe someone can check it out, it's dated. I have no idea what to charge. The poster isn't in t he greatest shape, but it might add to the charm.


Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams starring Joanne Woodward     Directed by Gil Cates

I'm sorry to say this half sheet of The Day of the Locust (28 X22) has battle damage. Over the years you take things down from the wall, and store it away. Then those things get moved from one closet to another. Before you know it there getting ruined. It was in great shape when director John Schlesinger autographed it to me when I worked with him on Marathon Man. Then I worked with Burgess Meredith on a television movie called Land of the Free and he signed it.  Now do I want to sell it or keep it. It's a rough call because I have a bunch of personal autograph posters. But whats the point of keeping it in a closet. I wish I had more space to hang stuff. I also have a 1 sheet poster (27 X 40) of the film.

Only two gun cases made by the prop department for the film DEATH WISH 1974 starring Charles Bronson. This was the stand-bye case and was owned by De Laurentiis's son Frederico who let me have it.  6.75x13.25x2.5" deep velvet-covered hinged-lid case w/gold luster metal end caps and engraved presentation plaque on lid that reads "To Paul - From Ames." Case opens to reveal velvet-lined case insert w/areas for revolver and gun-cleaning accessories. The case was presented to Bronson's character Paul Kersey by his client, Ames Jainchill as a thank you for development work Kersey did for him and after noticing Ames' proficiency w/a gun.

This was a story board to a project Dino De Lauentiis was developing about a Lear Jet that crashes into the Empire State Building. I was working with the director Richard Sarafian as his assistant doing research. He autographed and gave me a few storyboards. The project never got off the ground. It was suppose to have starred Bill Cosby. 1974         

The Film Slate for Death of a Snow Queen later called Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams starring Joanne Woodward directed by Gil Cates 1972

Movie Set Car Permit Sign: I worked on Gumball Rally and Death of a Snow Queen(name change to Summer Wishes. Winter Dreams starring Joanne Woodward. The one from Nickelodeon was directed by Peter Bogdanovich. I was visiting the set while in California and took the sign as a souvenir. 

The Film Slate from Rocky 2

I was one of the assistant directors on the Philadelphia location shooting.

Nickelodeon size 18X51/2

Gumball Rally size 14X6

Death of a Snow Queen     size 13 X 5 1/2

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh size 13 1/2 X 6 1/2

These campaign posters were a prop posters that were made to be used in the Robert Redford film The Candidate. The poster size (23 X 34)  on the right was is in great condition when I got Robert Redford to autograph it when I worked as a production assistant on Three Days of the Condor in 1974. I couldn't afford on a production assistants salary to have a linen back or glass to cover a poster I would dry mount it. So you can see what the elements can do to a poster over the last 40 years on the right.  But the one on the left I've had it safe in a tube.

There still a major political collectors item so lets start off with a price of


This is a lobby card I got Sir Lawrence Olivier to autograph for me when I was a production assistant on Marathon Man. He had such a bad case of arthritis he had to practice writing his name on a envelope, which I still have. Size: 14 in x 11 in


A friend of mine was shooting a public service announcement with Henry Fonda, and asked Fonda to sign it. My friend said he seems annoyed being asked, but signed it anyway. It looks like a rushed signature, but its him. 

I hung out on the set of Taxi Driver shooting at Columbus Circle in NY and I got  a souvenir button.

These were the prop menu and program used on the tables in the Cotton Club sets for the Francois Ford Coppola Movie The Cotton Club. I was visiting the set and got them.


I drove Steve Grimes the  art director around town and everywhere else looking for locations to shoot Three Days of the Condor. He gave me and autographed an original set design sketch from the film. Stephen B. Grimes started working in the British film industry after the war as a sketch-artist. From the mid-50s to the late 60s, Grimes worked almost exclusively with John Huston. Their longer term collaboration resulted in 14 films in over 30 years. Grimes also had a fruitful long-term working relationship with Sydney Pollack, making seven films with him. Grimes also worked with directors David Lean, Peter Yates, Mark Rydell and Ulu Grosbard.​​Paramount Pictures, 1975. Watercolor on paper, inscribed "To Ira – All the best / Three Days of the Condor / Ansonia Alley," signed at lower right by the production designer ("Stephen Grimes"), framed. The Sydney Pollack thriller stars Robert Redford as a CIA researcher who comes back from lunch one day to find that all of his colleagues have been assassinated. Within frame: 12 1/2 x 30 in.


This is a insert poster that Faye Dunaway signed to me when I worked on Three Days of the Condor with her. Not sure of price yet. Make an offer

Fred Astaire

fred 2.jpg
fred 1.jpg 220 West 71st Street NYC 10023

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