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Indiana University Film Department

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Acquires & Restoring

One Thousand 16mm & 35mm

   Celluloid Film Reels 

     2k/4k HD Imagery

 Lost TV Shows, Films, Newsreels, Industrials, Travelogues, Cartoons,

Home Movies & Commercials 


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Saving My Film & Television Archives 

Television Toy Stories - Series

 Photo/Video Stories are being developed for a series

of short & long form video stories.

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                               Episode One

Why Won't HAL Open the Pod Bay Door ?

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Toy Guns That Created Boomer America

Boomer Toy Guns


 Babyboomer Family

Rare Animation


Military Toys 


with Laura Duval Bird

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NY Toy Fair


Gallen Home Movies 

Follow Gallen Home Movies starting in 1928

through 16mm, 8mm Super8mm & the video revolution.

The Toy Epic That Never Was 2020 Toy Fair Javits Center NYC part 1

2nd Unit Hollywood Camera Footage Restored Rick Prelinger Archives.

Are There Any Good Women Left in New York City ?

My Birthday Pedicure with Mom

My Pandemic  Diary


Limited Edition                                Downloads

Classic TV Shows, Films & Commercials

The Director's Series

with John A. Gallagher

click Ira Gallen & Director Sidney Pollack  on the set of Tootsie - Rare Interviews

Help me identifying the actors, directors, animators, writers, producers, Ad agencies that created particular television shows and especially commercials.

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Thurgood Marshall with Mike Wallace 1957 Night Beat Dumont

Decomposing Norman Mailer CBS Camera Three Interview 1969  

Confessions of a

Baby Boomer

Inventing Televison

Television Toy


Flashback in the Twilight Zone !

The Breakfast

Cereal Scrapbook

   D.W. Griffith

Master of Cinema

The Birth      of a Nation

Hard & Soft Cover Volumes

My Launch into Space for an Aging out of Shape Baby Boomer is to represent those 72 Million Baby Boomers who Dreams of Space Travel

What's Its All About Ira ?

American Negro Baseball League 1946

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