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The Golden Age of Lost Television

"One Man’s Obsession with the Past creates a wave of Nostalgia”
                              -Ron Alexander, The New York Times

  "(Ira Gallen is) One of the Industry’s Top Tracers of lost film and Television.
                                      - New York Daily News

"These Commercials and Television Shows are a Social History of the way we were

over fifty years ago, it’s more then a Nostalgia buff can stand.”

                                  -Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight

            Indiana Universities

    Film Restoration Department


The Golden Age of Lost Television

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Acquires & Restoring

        16mm & 35mm

   Celluloid Film Reels 

     2k/4k HD Imagery

 Lost TV Shows, Films, Newsreels, Industrials, Travelogues, Cartoons,

Home Movies, Commercials

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Media Coverage about the Collection

The Director's Series

Rare Interviews I shot with

leading Filmmakers 1980's

click: Ira Gallen & Director Sidney Pollack 


The Babyboomer's Guide To Saving the Galaxy with History  a message for Elon Musk


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E-Books on Amazon, Apple Store

Barnes & Noble written by Ira H. Gallen

Confessions of a

Baby Boomer

Inventing Televison

Television Toy


The Breakfast

Cereal Scrapbook

   D.W. Griffith

Master of Cinema

The Birth      of a Nation

Hard & Soft Cover Volumes

Gallen Home Movies 

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My Launch into Space for an Aging out of Shape Baby Boomer is to represent those 72 Million Baby Boomers who Dreams of Space Travel

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